One centrally-managed fabric that covers all your VPN needs

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SPAN can connect multiple locations securely using regular Internet connections. Traffic flows directly between sites, or optionally goes through hub sites.


The SPAN overlay supports public and private clouds natively, connecting them seamlessly to other sites. Deployment on AWS is a cinch with CloudFormation templates

Remote Access

Any SPAN device can optionally also act as a Remote Access concentrator, allowing authorized users to connect to the VPN from practically any computing device.

Bring up your SD-WAN in minutes! Hardware optional.

Deploying a VPN is super simple with SPAN. Download a VM image, create a VM on each site, wire up the VMs in the SPAN portal, and configure a route on the site routers. That's it!

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Run anywhere!

Unlike other solutions, the SPAN node software can be deployed anywhere there is a need for secure communication. For instance, you can run it:

At an office location, in a data center, or in a VPC.

On a router or an end host, putting the system directly on a secure overlay.

On hardware, in a VM or in a container.

Behind a NAT device, without requiring any additional configuration.

On an puny embedded system, or on a high-throughput router for a hub site.


Control network policies from one dashboard

SPAN nodes are typically located at the borders between trusted and untrusted networks, typically as a site VPN gateway or as a remote access concentrator. The software has rich support for enforcing policies at these critical locations, allowing traffic to be flexibly filtered, conditioned and steered based on packet headers and Deep Packet Inspection.


Get visibility into your network

The SPAN portal provides rich visibility into your network by collating and analyzing information from SPAN nodes. Intuitive charts allow you to monitor the history of traffic flows through the network, and help set up policies accordingly.

The portal also displays performance metrics (latency, loss, jitter and hop-count) of connections between SPAN nodes. Among other things, these can be used to monitor the SLAs offered by your ISPs.


SPAN devices enforce security policies at all borders of a network. Traffic between devices is protected with industry-standard AES-256 encryption.


SPAN provides an API to the network, allowing devices, policies and overlays to be configured and monitored on the fly.


Cloud-based controllers automate all aspects of the network from software updates to device identity and user credentials.