Building blocks

Purpose-built modules that solve hairy problems for networked devices.

Focus on your app, and let Sproute handle the networking bits

Whether your application involves SDN, IoT, Robotics or merely devices with multiple uplinks, there are tricky networking details -- addressing, routing, authentication, confidentiality, access control, QoS -- to be tackled. Sproute licenses the very code that underpins the SPAN service for use in your applications. The entire suite can be embedded in a customer's devices to provide a secure, programmable fabric, or individual modules can be used to perform specific functions. Contact us for more information.

Device management

Sproute's architecture features a flexible controller/agent design that can manage devices distributed across the Internet at scale. The entire lifecycle of a device can be managed from Zero Touch Provisioning and configuration, to remote troubleshooting and software updates.



The building blocks include components to set up a PKI and secure peer-to-peer communications between distributed entities. A custom-built policy engine allows sophisticated access control, traffic conditioning and steering policies to expressed. The available packet processing engine runs in user space and allows enforcement of policies at line rate.



Sproute's networking modules include an array of IP protocol implementations that benefit from the deep experience of the team in building Internet routers. Please contact us for more information.